Big Pebbles Media


About Big Pebbles Media

Company history

The Big Pebbles website was established by Caedmon Mullin in the late 90's as an outlet for his climbing and mountaineering videos. The site grew into an online video and photo library and while maintaining this site Caedmon picked up work for local businesses and artists creating websites and videos for them. Over the next few years the emphasis moved away from Caedmon's own film projects and Big Pebbles developed a healthy collection of film and web-design clients.

For the past few year the Big Pebbles grown into a small but busy design company, using a network of freelance designers, programmers, riggers and camera operators. Our small size is almost always and advantage, and all of our clients get a dedicated and personal service.

Company ethos

We are a small, friendly and laid-back company. We're always happy to help whether you have a job for us, or just have a quick question about designing your own website! We offer special rates to not-for-profit organisations.

We are an environmentally conscious company, operating a virtually paper-free office. Our website is hosted on a carbon offset package and we intend to move to a solar-powered server when practical to do so.

Caedmon Mullin

If we're doing some work for you, it's almost certain you'll have worked with Caedmon. He is the creative drive behind the company, and still works on most of the projects. He is a keen climber, so if he's not in the office the chances are he's hanging from a sea cliff somewhere on the Cornish coast!