Big Pebbles Media


Print Portfolio

We have undertaken numerous small print jobs, such as printing business cards, etc. Below are a few examples of our work. If you would like to see more get in touch.
Lymph Node Poster

Medical Posters

We have worked on numerous medical posters, but for use in NHS hospitals and medical conferences.

Our prices start from £70 and we have a very rapid turnaround.

Printing can also be arranged.

Frida And Diego The Musical

Frida And Diego The Musical

We were asked to design a logo for a new production of this musical in the UK. We ultimately did that and designed the inlay of a planned CD.

Format: Logo and CD inlay

Green Party

Green Party Posters

We have worked with a local Totnes artist (Wendy Stayte), to produce posters for the South Devon Green Party on two occasions. Both simple and colourful.

Format: A1 Poster